We would like to thank our awesome sponsors for helping us out with our project!!

ArtStarts in Schools: providing Michael Penny and carving supplies

BC Arts Council: making ArtStarts a reality

Government of British Columbia’s Creative Futures Program

Stella Jones Logging : Donating the 3 logs

School District 5 : Contributing funding and teacher release time

Chinook Scaffolding: donating scaffolding for carving, and time to train students to set it up

The Alpine Club of Canada: working with us to house us during the trip

Lori-Dawn McArthur: Assisting us throughout this process as a community liaison.

Elkford Parents Council: financial contributions

Elkford city council: financial contributions

Sparwood city council: financial contributions

Sparwood lions club: financial contributions

The Roberts family: Driving the arch to the Elk Lakes

The Marks family: Sacrificing their Sunday to fix an essential vehicle to the project.

Laura klafki: Driving out to bring the celebration for the grand opening

Megan kelly: Her expertise and participation for the students

Vinnie Kopodra: A great Archery clinic

Kerri Holmes: hours and hours of sculpting, directing, art direction, and working with students.

Clarkson Contracting: making the journey to dig the holes and pour concrete on their own time.

Elk Valley Thrift Shop: financial contributions

Teck: financial contributions

Sue Hanlon: financial contributions

Vic Bosio: Picking up and moving the logs in the cold of winter

BC Parks / Rangers: attending the event, and contributing essential wood for scaffolding

The Fernie Log Carver: Donating tons of time to make this project a success.  Training 4 students into lag carvers.

Overwaitie: financial contributions

Alpine Lumber: deals upon deals as we purchased the necessary materials for this project.

BC Hydro: Permission to build on their right of way.

TransCanada Trail: particularly Sarah Meunier for hours and hours of phone conversations and guidance through the world of red tape.

Students / Staff / and Communities of the Elk Valley: support, understanding, and a willingness to allow this project to work.