Here you will find information for students, regarding things like: job postings, needs, challenges, downloads, and schedules.

Job Postings

Project manager

2 per school

Estimated time 20-40 hours (must attend year end trip)

These people will be responsible for working with teachers in their school and other project managers from the four partner schools to decide how the arch will be installed, who needs to be involved in the installation, how all the necessary materials will get where they need to be.  These people will also be responsible for getting the necessary permissions from authorities, and determining which other questions need to be asked and answered.  This is a major role in the project and will be required to be involved from start to finish including attending the building / camping trip.

The chosen students will have a history of self-directing, and finishing tasks.  Independent workers are a necessity.

Sculpting Artist

(approximately 2-4 students)

Estimated time: 50 hours (planning, prepping, sculpting)

These people will be responsible for turning the symbolic artist’s symbols into one cohesive sculpture.  They will have a part in working with Michael Penny (chainsaw artist) to design, rough draft, and prep the wood.  Michael Penny will then rough out their sculpture.  These people will finish the sculpture with a series of tools and techniques.

This is a major commitment, and anyone wishing to do this job will need to commit some time during school hours (missing classes that must be made up) and their own time to make this sculpture a success.

When applying, for the “what I can contribute portion” focus on art successes you have had in the past (sculpting experience not necessary, but artistic ability is a must)

Symbolic artist

1 per town

Estimated time: 10 hours

Our arch needs to represent the people of the Elk Valley.  Who are they?  These people will be responsible for choosing the groups and symbols that need to be represented on our arch.  They will need to contact many groups and work to ensure that all stakeholders are represented in our project.  They will then need to communicate with the artists to help determine the ways that these symbols are included in the arch.  This role will require numerous meetings and after school phone calls and emails to community members.  Applicants should focus on their interest in history, and ability to communicate.

Project photographer

1 per town

Estimated time 30 hours

Our project needs constant photography of events and accomplishments for the website (  The person who does this will need to be responsible for either taking photos of all events or getting images from others who were there.  Tyler Bruce is managing the website in Sparwood but needs images of all events.  You would need to be in constant contact with Tyler, and be willing to email all needed images.  This person will need to come on the final trip and there will be an expectation of photo selection and a single delivery of images after the camping trip.