Elkfords Involvement

Various senior students of Elkford Secondary are participating with the Elk Valley Arch project. Some of the students are doing research for the students going on the trip and others that are directly involved with the arch itself. For example there is one student researching past herbal medicines that could potentially be used if needed, and others  planning nutritious meals to take on the trip. Another topic of interest being pursued is the engineering of how to install the arch on the trip. There have also been students contacting people within the community to get their input of what should be carved into the arch while at the same time keeping Elkford as well as the other schools informed and updated on what has been accomplished so far.

Updates From Elkford

On May 8, 2017 Dana, Kira, and Stephanie, gathered to present the Elk Valley Arch Project to the District of Elkford Council. These students had presented a Power Point  explaining the purpose behind the Arch and Elkford’s involvement. During this time we had asked their input of a symbol to display the community on the arch (Arch Project powerpoint).

Artur, Erica, and Kira had created a poster to inform members of the community in Elkford of The Arch Project (Celebrating Canada’s 150th). These students are working on keeping the other schools up to date and getting others informed on the project in motion.

On May 15, 2017 the grade eleven and twelve students gathered outside while Alex, Connor and Jethro drew symbols that represented the humanity side of Elkford on one of the logs. After it had been sketched,  the log was roughly carved in by Micheal Penny. Then Grant had taken on the role of carving a phrase into the wood. These students, plus a few others, had been working on researching and sketching symbols to represent our town.







On May 25, 2017 presenters of the Wild Safe BC foundation came to our school and presented to all of the senior students. We learned about the importance of being animal aware when going out in the wilderness and how to be prepared if we were to encounter an animal.

IMG_5794Students are now preparing for the trip. They are creating meal plans and gathering equipment for this once in a lifetime opportunity. Soon this amazing project will be set for all to see.