One of the major initiatives of the Arch was to assemble get the arch to the final location and assemble it without the assistance of mechanization.

To this end the Sparwood Secondary metals classroom with Mr. Hart welded a cart with parts from Cameron Enterprises to allow the students to haul the logs the 5 km and 300m of elevation to from the Elk Lakes to the Elk Pass.



In a group of almost 30, every member of the trip participated in hauling the the logs for 2.5 hours.

The path was not easy.

Once the logs were at the top, Clarkson Contracting helped us out with two four ft holes to put the logs in.

Then we needed to get the top on.

A team of 7, including 3 Elkford students, 1 Sparwood student, 1 Fernie student, Michael Penny, and Stephen Larsen built a scaffold to support the final log.