The Arch is comprised of 3 sixteen foot cedar logs that were harvested in the Elk Valley and donated by Stella Jones Galloway Poll Yard.

The Arch has one pole that represents the human elements of the valley and one pole that represents the animals of the Elk Valley.

Human Elements Pole

Students in a series of classes in Fernie, Sparwood, and Elkford researched their areas, and choose the symbols that would represent their towns and larger communities.IMG_1310

The process was slow and the logs had to make a series of trips between Elkford, Sparwood, and Fernie, but the end result was spectacular.

Symbols on this pole include:

Elkford: a Minor with a pick axe, haul truck, snowboarder, canary, “the beginning of the road”

Sparwood: Sparwood star (5 old towns of Sparwood), Sled, Quad, series of mining equipment (worked with Elkford)

Fernie: Free skier, Heiko trail sign and hiker, fly fisherman, art station, library, coal train mountain biker.

The river connecting the 3 towns, and a series of trees representing the immense wilderness that connects our valley.


Animals of the Elk Valley Pole:

This log was designed and carved by 4 Sparwood Secondary students and Michael Penny.

Artists: Payton Bruce, Isabelle Beaune, Amanda Liebe, Malorie Demers


The top log

Carved by Sparwood Secondary Students