This is the website for a collaborative high school project between Sparwood Secondary School, Elkford Secondary school, and Fernie Secondary School.

The Arch was successfully constructed on June 27th, 2017 by a student lead team from Elkford, Sparwood, and Fernie.

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Our Community Partners to date are:

Michael Penny

Art Beat Activities

Elk Valley Thrift Shop

School District 5

Chinook Scaffolding

The Alpine Club of Canada

Lori-Dawn Mcarthur

Elkford Parents Council

Elkford city council

Sparwood city council

Sparwood lions club

The Roberts family

The Marks family

Laura klafki

Megan kelly

Vinnie Kopodra

Kerri Holmes

Clarkson Contracting


Stella Jones (Galloway)

Sue Hanlon

Art Starts Grant

Vic Bosio

BC Parks / Rangers

The Fernie Log Carver

Overwaitae Sparwood

Cameron Enterprises

Alpine Lumber


BC Hydro

TransCanada Trail

Students / Staff / and Communities of the Elk Valley